Pefoma App In Use


What type of content is displayed on my home feed ?
Content from artists that match your music genre selection, as well as artists that you follow, will appear in your home feed.

Can I update my genre preference?
Yes you can. This option can be found in the ellipsis menu within your profile. Watch video

How do I purchase Pefoma coins?
Within your profile, click on the ellipsis menu to select Wallet from the options. In your Wallet, click on the Purchase Coins button to buy Pefoma coins. Watch Video

50 coins   = £0.99  

100 coins = £1.99

200 coins = £3.99

400 coins = £6.99 

500 coins = £8.99

1000 coins = £16.99

2000 coins = £30.99

2500 coins = £37.99

5000 coins = £74.99

Can I switch my profile to an Artist profile??
Yes, you can make a request to switch to an artist profile by going to the ellipsis (3 dots) menu in your profile screen and selecting the “Switch to Artist Profile” option.  For us to verify you, either connect your Spotify For Artists account or enter your Instagram profile name in the field provided.

If you meet our verification criteria, your request will be approved and you will become a verified artist profile on Pefoma. Watch video

How do I send gifts to an Artist?

Gifts are a great way of showing an artist how much you appreciate them! Whether is for a great Live Stream, awesome content, or just.. because! Within an artist’s content (video or picture) you will see a gift coin icon. If you click on this you will be presented with 6 gifting options. The full value of the Gift goes directly to the artist’s wallet.;

High 5  = 50 coins

Thumbs up = 150 coins

Amazing = 250 coins

Awesome = 400 coins

Superstar = 500 coins

Legend = 1000 coins

The Artist will receive an instant notification that you have sent them a Gift. The full value of the Gift goes directly to the Artists wallet. Watch video

Can I buy a live stream in advance?

Yes you can. If an Artist has scheduled a live stream, you can purchase it whenever you please. Once purchased, you will receive a unique code that will enable you to enter the stream when it is live.

What happens if i buy a live stream and the artist does not perform?

If an Artist cancels a scheduled paid for Live Stream, you will automatically be refunded any coins you used to purchase. This will show in your transaction history and you will also receive a refund notification in the app.

Can I interact with an Artist on a live stream?

Yes! If you turn on comments within the live stream, you can ask questions, say hi, make requests, and also interact with other viewers. You can also send an Artist coins directly within the live stream.

What is exclusive content & why do I have to pay to see it?

Exclusive content are photos or videos that Artists would create specifically for you, their fans. This content will only be curated on Pefoma only and WILL not be available anywhere else.

What do I do if I see content I do not think should be on pefoma??

We rely on our audience to let us know if you see something that you believe is distasteful, explicit, or that you feel is not appropriate. On the content concerned, if you select the ellipsis icon on the top right, it will give you the option to report the content, then present you with a list of options. We will then review said content and take the necessary action if we feel it breaches our community guidelines. All reporting is done anonymously.

Where do I access messaging?

You can access your messages wherever you see the message icon – on the home screen, your profile screen or the Artists profile screen.

Can I send pictures in messaging?

Yes! Click the + icon within the messaging screen, and it will give you the option to Take Photo, Take Video, or to choose from your phones library.

I’m getting inappropriate messages – can I block the sender?

This is something we will not tolerate on the platform. Yes you can most certainly block the sender. In your messages screen, swipe right on the conversation concerned, and you will see the options to Delete, Report & Block. If you want to report unsavoury messages, please hit the Report icon to let us know, then you can hit the Block icon to ensure no more messages can be received.

I’m getting too many notifications – can I turn them off?

You can manage which Notifications you receive in your Profile – hit the ellipsis icon on your Profile page, select “Settings” and select which notifications you want to pause

How do I know when the artists I follow post new content or go live?

You will get a Push Notification to your phone when either of the above occur, providing you have not turned notifications off.